1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini-Split - A Game Changer in Home Climate Control!

Are you looking for an efficient, quiet way to heat and cool your home? Installing a 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split system could be the perfect solution. Keep reading to learn what a 1 ton mini split is, key features and benefits of Mitsubishi units, costs, and whether this system is right for your home.

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1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini-Split - A Game Changer in Home Climate Control!

1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini-Split - A Game Changer in Home Climate Control!

With a SEER rating of up to 26.7, a 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split far surpasses central AC and window units in efficiency. 

What is a Mini Split System?


A mini split system is an innovative ductless heating and air conditioning solution designed for efficient and flexible temperature control within various spaces. This system is comprised of a compact outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handling units, connected by refrigerant lines. This configuration eliminates the need for traditional ductwork, making mini splits a versatile option for homes and buildings where space is at a premium or where adding ductwork is impractical. The indoor units are typically mounted high on walls or ceilings, ensuring a discreet presence. Particularly, a 1 ton mini split system is adept at conditioning spaces approximately 400 square feet in size, making it an ideal choice for individual rooms or small apartments. One of the most significant advantages of mini split systems is their energy efficiency. Unlike window air conditioners and conventional central HVAC systems, mini splits can achieve SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings of over 20, indicating superior efficiency in energy use for cooling. This efficiency not only leads to lower energy bills but also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. Mitsubishi, a leading brand in this technology, offers systems that exemplify these efficiency standards, providing an eco-friendly solution to temperature control.


Beyond energy savings, mini split systems offer zoned comfort and quiet operation. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different rooms. This means you can maintain a cooler temperature in your bedroom while keeping the living room warmer, without the inefficiency and discomfort of cooling or heating unoccupied spaces. Additionally, these systems operate at whisper-quiet noise levels, around 20 decibels, making them significantly quieter than traditional window units. Many models also incorporate smart features such as Wi-Fi control and air purification, enhancing convenience and air quality within the living space. In summary, mini split systems represent a modern, efficient, and flexible solution for heating and cooling needs. With their ductless design, high energy efficiency, capability for zoned temperature control, and quiet operation, coupled with smart technology features, mini splits offer a compelling option for those seeking comfort without compromise. Whether for a new addition, a retrofit in a home without existing ductwork, or simply to improve energy efficiency and comfort, a mini split system, such as those offered by Mitsubishi, can provide a tailored solution that meets a wide range of needs.

Key Features and Benefits of a 1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini Split

1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini Split

Now let's explore the main advantages of installing a 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split in your home.


Energy Efficiency

With a SEER rating of up to 26.7, a 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split far surpasses central AC and window units in efficiency. This chart compares estimated annual energy costs.



SEER Rating

Est. Annual Energy Cost

Central AC



Window AC



Mitsubishi Mini Split

26.7 SEER


By choosing an ENERGY STAR certified Mitsubishi mini split, you can cut your cooling costs by up to 65%!

Zoned Temperature Control


One indoor unit can be used to control the climate in a single room. This allows you to customize temperatures based on each room's use. For example, you might prefer:


  • 75°F in living spaces
  • 70°F in bedrooms
  • 68°F in unused guest rooms


With zoned control, you only cool the spaces you need when you need them.


Ultra-Quiet Operation

Typical noise levels for a 1 ton Mitsubishi indoor unit are 19-24 decibels on low fan settings. For comparison, a quiet library is around 30 decibels. Mitsubishi indoor units are barely noticeable!


Mitsubishi-Specific Features

Top technologies exclusive to Mitsubishi systems include:


  • Hyper Heat - Provides steady heating in outdoor temps down to -13°F.
  • Kumo Cloud app - Enables smart home integration and control via Wi-Fi.
  • Multi-zone sync - Matches temps across multiple rooms.
  • Dual barriers - Prevents dust and moisture in the unit.
  • Blue Fin corrosion coating - Protects the coil from salt air or other harsh environmental factors.


No other manufacturer offers the same level of performance, control, and durability.

Cost and Installation of a 1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini Split


The total cost for a 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split system ranges from $2,500-$20,000 depending on features and installation complexity. Basic breakdown:


With the high SEER ratings, a mini split can pay for itself in energy savings within 3-5 years. Many utility companies offer rebates up to $500 on qualifying systems.


Installation is best left to trained HVAC professionals. The process involves:

  • Mounting the indoor unit high on a wall or ceiling
  • Placing the outdoor unit with proper clearances
  • Running refrigerant and communication lines between the units
  • Integrating controls and testing the system


Total installation time is around 5 hours for simple, single-zone systems. Additional indoor units, zoning, and advanced features can increase complexity.


Is a 1 Ton Mitsubishi Mini Split Right for You?

A 1 ton Mitsubishi mini split is ideal if you:

  • Want to heat or cool rooms around 400 sq ft
  • Need quiet, energy-efficient climate control
  • Have rooms unsuitable for bulky ductwork
  • Desire smart home integration and zoned comfort
  • Live in an area with harsh winters down to -13°F


Before installing, have a professional assess your home's requirements and layout. Be sure to check local codes for any permitting needs.


Enjoy Endless Comfort and Savings

Mitsubishi's mini split systems provide best-in-class efficiency, control, and reliability. By installing a 1 ton unit, you can reduce energy bills while customizing comfort room by room. Contact our team today to learn more about maximizing performance, value, and peace of mind with a Mitsubishi mini split tailored to your home.

In Summary:

  • A 1 ton mini split efficiently and quietly heats/cools rooms up to 400 sq ft.
  • Mitsubishi is a leading brand known for advanced inverter-driven compressors and Hyper Heat performance.
  • Key benefits are energy savings, zoned control, ultra-quiet operation, and smart home capabilities.
  • System cost ranges from $2,500-$20,000 installed. Higher SEER ratings provide better long-term value.
  • 1 ton Mitsubishi units are ideal if you want quiet, efficient comfort with room-by-room temperature control.

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