The Richair Comfort Solutions has initially started as Richair Co., a sole proprietorship, led by an ambitious immigrant that came to the United States like majority of other immigrants – to build better life. The company utilized a small space in Richmond Hills, NY, suitable for keeping spare parts and sheltering the only service vehicle at that time - a beaten-up rusty van. The crew consisted of two, or sometimes three man, working hard to develop a “no job too small” reputation, mostly servicing small HVAC systems.

In 1995 the company incorporated as International Richair Corporation (guess because the team consisted of immigrants).  At that time, the company has expanded its services to installation of central air-conditioning systems in private homes and small commercial establishments, but still concentrated on speedy services and repairs. The company established an office on Metropolitan Ave in Kew Gardens, NY, and added two more service vehicles.

The Richair Mechanical Inc., dba Richair Comfort Solutions was re-incorporated in 2001. The philosophy of providing speedy response to service calls and quality repairs remained. But plenty of leadership changes emerged. The company re-focused on hiring the right talent and training, as well as offering – Richair started stepping away from conventional central cooling and heating systems, instead added new, innovative and exciting technology – ductless mini splits.

It was 2005 when ductless mini split systems became a large part of product offering. One particular manufacturer, the pioneer in ductless technology, Sanyo became the major supplier of these new air-conditioning and heap pump systems. They were extremely reliable, convenient, much easier and faster to install. There was only one hurdle – they were difficult to repair in case something went wrong. While so, it was a challenge Richair wanted to accept. The company has always focused on fixing “unfixable”, it happened to be fun and satisfying experience – to help a struggling home owner, or office manager to get “that thing on the wall” cooling again.

Two years later Richair Comfort Solutions moved to a 4,000 sq feet facility that housed offices, shop and warehouse. People called it “The Ductless Shop”. The company’s products and services shifted to inverter and VRF technology, and by the end of 2008 the company switched to 100% ductless. The new mini split systems offered wide flexibility of installation applications - from single-family home to schools, hospitals and hotels.

It was end of 2009 when Sanyo became no longer sustainable brand, causing Richair Comfort Solutions to look for a high quality product. Fujitsu and Daikin did not pass Richair’s test, and in 2011 the company partnered with Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling of North America – became one of the leading Diamond Contractors.

Richair Comfort Solutions never lost a rigid eye for quality and customer service. The company constantly encouraged customers to take advantage of the latest ductless technology, as more efficient, comfortable and safer for the environment. Our team’s core competencies are: product knowledge, flawless installations, expert diagnostics and speedy repairs. Just like in the past, Richair Comfort Solutions continued the legacy.

Richair’s foremost belief is that strong business is always based on happy customers. Our technicians constantly master their skills, to provide positive experience with each and every job. The only way our company will continue to gain respect and a well-known name is by providing a unique comfort and quality. From a simple phone call question, to a complex ductless mini split system installation, and management projects, Richair Comfort Solution’s team is there to help you every step of the way!

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