Avoid Mini Split Mishaps: Insider Tips on Flawless Ductless System Installation!



If you want to install a ductless mini split system, the process is pretty straightforward and shouldn't necessarily cause difficulties and problems. Looking at the steps to install a ductless mini-split system, it seems pretty simple.

Install a Ductless Mini Split System: What Might Go Wrong, and How to Avoid Troubles

Install a Ductless Mini Split System: What Might Go Wrong, and How to Avoid Troubles

Do-It-Yourself or If It Possible To Install a Ductless Mini Split System on Your Own

If life would be easy, the DIY list to install a ductless mini split system would look like that:


  • Preparation: you need to prepare the needed tools, decide on a placement, and study the producer's manual.
  • The outdoor unit installation: It contains the compressor and condenser and is usually installed on a wall or on a special pocket or a platform outside the building.
  • Installation of the indoor unit with evaporator and fan.
  • Piping and electrical wires connection.
  • System configuration and testing.


And if everything went right, there should not be any complications, right? It seems so, but not exactly.


What Can Go Wrong When You Install a Ductless Mini Split System?


Choosing the right air conditioner might seem easy. You have a task: you need cooling or heating, you know the size of the room, and you match the AC to the space. That's it, right? Not quite. Besides the area, there are other subjects that should be considered. The cooling and heating capacity, power consumption, additional features, noise level, and more – and that's just scratching the surface. If you dig deeper and go through the points in the list above, you'll encounter potential icebergs that could ruin the whole process and the AC system altogether.


Exploring the Difficulties in the List




Here, you need to consider the technical specifications of the equipment and determine suitable installation spots, and methods of mounting. Sometimes wall mounting is simply impossible due to the wall material not supporting the weight of the indoor unit. The material of the wall is also crucial when selecting the necessary installation tools for the indoor unit. What if the wall material doesn't allow you to install a ductless mini split system? Then the solution might be the ceiling. And here, too, the material matters for the same reasons.


Installation of Indoor and Outdoor Units


When installing an outdoor unit, difficulties may arise due to the violation of the facade, and sometimes the direct installation of the unit on the facade is completely prohibited by the rules of house management or landscaping. In such cases, the installation of an outdoor unit may be more time-consuming and require additional solution searches, approvals, and permits. When installing the outdoor unit, in addition, it is important to take into account ventilation issues and ensure airflow and condensate drainage.


When installing an indoor unit, you need to take into account all the room layout and design features of the room in order to choose the right type of air conditioner and determine the optimal location to install a ductless mini split system, with access to the power supply and consider the direction of airflow. And also, taking into account the necessary access for servicing the air conditioner during operation: for diagnostics, annual cleaning, and refrigerant renewal for the correct and safe operation of the equipment.


Piping and Electrical Wires Connection


With the right approach on the first two points, there should not be any difficulties. However, an incorrect electrical connection may cause damage to the air conditioner or even cause a fire. Moreover, an incorrect refrigerant connection can lead to the AC's insufficient or excessive operation, reducing its efficiency and causing possible malfunctions. However, let's look at the most complete list of possible problems and warnings when installing a mini-split system.


When installing an outdoor unit, difficulties may arise due to the violation of the facade, and sometimes the direct installation of the unit on the facade is completely prohibited by the rules of house management or landscaping.

The Full List of Problems and Warnings During Mini-Split Installation


For clarity, we've compiled all the difficulties and problems that may arise during the installation of a mini-split system in a convenient list format.


1. Voiding the warranty. Installing a ductless mini split system isn't like changing a light bulb or plugging in a mixer. It's a technically complex process that requires special knowledge and skills. Therefore, manufacturers insist on the installation being performed by certified services and technicians to validate the warranty. If installed by an untrained uncertified professional, manufacturers won't be responsible for any warranty obligations.


2. Incorrect electrical connection. This isn't just a risk of damaging the device, but also an increased risk of a fire. Speaking about the scale of these consequences is redundant.


3. Incorrect connection of the refrigerant, as we mentioned above, leads to malfunctions of the air conditioner and its subsequent failure.


4. Improper airflow balancing can result in uneven distribution of cooled or heated air within the room.


5. Health hazards. That's right: if the installation cycle is violated and the connection is incorrect, refrigerant and other substances may leak, which poses health risks and potential harm to the well-being of residents.


6. Damages and system failure. During the installation process by uncertified non-professionals, there is a high risk of damaging components and causing the air conditioner to malfunction, leading to the need for part replacement and repairs.


7. Wall and ceiling damage. Improper installation work can result in wall and ceiling damage when installing the indoor unit of the air conditioner, requiring additional repair work.


8. Fines and more serious legal consequences. Improper install a ductless mini split system carries the risk of violating local regulations and rules regarding air conditioner installation. This can lead to administrative fines, the obligation to redo the installation, or even legal issues.

Since it is technically challenging to install a ductless mini split system and it’s a responsible process that requires technical expertise, the list of consequences can be quite daunting. Is there hope?


The Right Solution to Install a Ductless Mini Split System Exists


Not only do we not recommend attempting to install a ductless mini split system yourself, but we insist: seek the help of professionals! Installation of mini-splits, as we have emphasized, is a complex process that requires expertise in architecture, electrical work, physics, applied mathematics, and most importantly, experience! It is crucial to consider the potential consequences, assess the risks, and turn to us. Our years of experience, knowledge, and skills guarantee your safety, comfort, and budget integrity.


Give us a call, and we will assist you in selecting the right mini-split system that suits your needs and considering all the essential aspects. In addition, we will install a ductless mini split system in such a way that you won't encounter any difficulties at any stage, and the equipment will operate flawlessly, creating a comfortable environment in your space.

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