Epic Ductless Mini Split Installation Case Study In Brooklyn NY 11219

Adam recently contacted our company looking for an energy efficient cooling and heating solution for his row home in Brooklyn, located at 11219 zip code. His 100 year old home lacked ductwork and sufficient space to install a traditional HVAC system. After assessing his needs and home layout, we recommended a ductless mini split heating and cooling system.


Ductless mini split systems are an innovative technology that allow for zoned climate control without requiring invasive ductwork installations. They consist of an outdoor compressor connected to one or multiple indoor wall-mounted units installed in different areas of the home. The units quietly and efficiently circulate refrigerant between the systems to distribute heated or cooled air. We have installed numerous mini splits in older Brooklyn homes like Adam's to great reviews. Adam was particularly interested in the flexibility, efficiency, and aesthetics of the mini splits to displace his outdated window AC units and insufficient radiators. We have proposed a three zone system to provide Adam whole home comfort tailored room-by-room.

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Brooklyn, NY 11219

After a thorough assessment of Adam's home and needs, we proposed a tailored mini split system with three indoor wall units and one multi-zone outdoor unit. We installed a 9,000 BTU unit in the living room, 12,000 BTU in the master bedroom suite, and 18,000 BTU unit in the upper floor to efficiently heat and cool the entire home. These SEER rated units with inverter technology will help regulate temperature and humidity while saving energy. The smaller living room unit will provide supplemental heating and cooling while the variable capacity larger unit will efficiently control the temperature in the spacious master suite. The third unit in the converted attic space will address the extreme temperature fluctuations common in poorly insulated unfinished spaces.


The installation process was minimally invasive and required minor holes in the exterior wall to connect the copper tubing between outdoor and wall mounted units. The indoor head units simply mount onto the wall, connecting to the existing wiring for a clean built-in look . The units are very quiet - producing a low hum during the cooling season. There is no ductwork or large roof-mounted equipment involved. We provided a custom finish trim kit allowing the units to seamlessly blend into any room's aesthetic in Adam's recently renovated home. Additionally, the Mitsubishi multi-zone outdoor heat pump unit is among the most efficient and quietest on the market today. Backed by a 10 year parts and labor warranty, this system will provide customized comfort and energy savings for years to come.

Photos of Installation

The 11219 zip code covers the vibrant neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Red Hook in central Brooklyn. Known for tree lined streets, brownstones, unique shops and restaurants, this area provides an authentic Brooklyn experience. Some history includes that Carroll Gardens was named after Charles Carroll, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and early Irish and Italian immigrants shaped local culture. Red Hook has industrial roots and was the site of the Erie Basin, vital to goods movement in early NYC. Today, attractions like the Red Hook Ball Fields, Brooklyn Crab seafood hotspot, and Jacques Torres’ chocolate factory draw visitors.


Nearby attractions accessible to 11219 include the Brooklyn Bridge Park along the waterfront with views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Flea open air market dubbed “Etsy in Person”, the New York Transit Museum displaying subway cars, the Brooklyn Bridge itself with walking and biking paths over the East River, and the Brooklyn Promenade for stunning vistas of the city skyline. The area provides outdoor recreation, arts/culture, dining, and plenty of only-in-Brooklyn charm.

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