Ditch the Boiler, Breathe Easy: Switching to Clean Heat with Ductless Mini Splits

Hi! I'm Anthony with Richair Comfort Solutions, a ductless mini split installation company serving the greater New York and New Jersey area for over 28 years. With the growing interest in sustainable living, I've seen more homeowners looking to "electrify everything" - swapping out fossil fuel systems for efficient electric alternatives that are better for your wallet and the planet. One popular upgrade is ditching your old gas- or oil-powered boiler for an efficient ductless heat pump system. Here's what you need to know about making the switch:

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Ditch the Boiler, Breathe Easy

Why Ditch the Boiler? Fossil fuel dependency - Boilers require natural gas, propane, or heating oil to run. This contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Why Ditch the Boiler?


Boilers have been heating homes for decades, but they have some downsides that make upgrading to a ductless mini split worth considering:

  • Fossil fuel dependency - Boilers require natural gas, propane, or heating oil to run. This contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • Energy inefficiency - Boilers can operate at 50-80% efficiency, while ductless heat pumps achieve 200-300% efficiency by leveraging heat energy from the outdoor air. This means lower energy bills for you!
  • Maintenance - Boilers require annual maintenance that can cost $200 or more. Ductless systems have very low maintenance requirements.

Enter the Ductless Mini Split Hero


Ductless mini split systems are a great way modernize your home's heating and cooling. Here's how they work and key benefits:

  • Energy efficiency - Ductless systems can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50% compared to boilers and central AC.
  • Clean operation - They run on electricity and don't emit greenhouse gases or other pollutants.
  • Flexibility - With multiple indoor units, get zone control for customized comfort in different rooms.
  • Versatility - One outdoor unit can power units that provide heating and cooling.


Making the Switch Easy: Rebate Incentives

Making the Switch Easy

Switching to an efficient ductless mini split may seem expensive upfront, but rebates and incentives can reduce the cost significantly:


Rebate Program

Potential Savings

How to Apply

Federal Tax Credit

Up to $300

File IRS Form 5695

Utility Rebate

Up to $1000

Contact your utility

State/Local Rebate

VariesCheck DSIRE for programs in your area


A Step-by-Step Guide


Our expert team streamlines the switch from boiler to mini split:

  • Consultation - We assess your home's needs and design the ideal system.
  • Boiler removal - We safely remove and dispose of the old boiler.
  • Installation - New ductless indoor units mount on walls or ceilings. The outdoor unit installs outside.
  • Commissioning - We test the system thoroughly and teach you how to use it.

Breathe Easy with Clean Heat


Upgrading from a boiler to efficient ductless mini splits:

  • Improves indoor air quality by removing fossil fuel emissions
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Saves money on energy costs
  • Provides customized comfort and climate control


Ready to ditch your boiler for clean, energy efficient heat? Contact Richair Comfort Solutions today for a free quote. We'll help you find available rebates and incentives and design a ductless system that meets your home's unique needs. Breathe easier with ductless mini splits!


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