Mitsubishi's Mind-Blowing Mini Split AC Units Are 82% More Efficient Than Central Air - See If You Qualify for This Life-Changing Upgrade!

Is your home uncomfortably hot in the summer but you don't want to pay for expensive whole-home air conditioning installation? Many homeowners struggle with finding an affordable cooling solution that doesn't require major construction. Traditional central air conditioning systems are costly to install and maintain. Ductwork often needs to be run through walls and ceilings, which can disrupt your home. Mini split systems provide localized cooling without the need for ducts, vents, or any major installation work. Mitsubishi ductless mini split air conditioners are an innovative solution for cooling individual rooms in your home without expensive ductwork. Mitsubishi is an industry leader, known for making high-efficiency, quiet, and durable mini split units. With advanced inverter technology, Mitsubishi mini splits can maintain your desired temperature while using energy efficiently. Get personalized cooling this summer with a Mitsubishi mini split system.

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Mitsubishi Mini Splits: 82% More Efficient Cooling Upgrades

Ductless mini splits offer numerous advantages over traditional HVAC systems. First, they provide zoned temperature control, allowing you to customize comfort in specific rooms without wasting energy cooling unused spaces.

How Ductless Mini Splits Work


Ductless mini split systems provide efficient localized heating and cooling without requiring major home renovations. At the heart of the system is an outdoor compressor/condenser unit connected by small refrigerant lines to sleek, compact indoor air handling units mounted high on walls or ceilings. The outdoor unit houses a heat pump which circulates refrigerant and uses a variable speed compressor to cool or heat the refrigerant. This allows the system to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter while maintaining optimal efficiency. For example, Mitsubishi's Inverter systems continually adjust compressor speed to match the indoor unit's heat load, providing peak efficiency even during extreme weather. The heated or cooled refrigerant is then pumped through lines into the mounted indoor units to provide conditioning. Without ductwork, mini splits can precisely control temperatures while conserving energy.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits


Ductless mini splits offer numerous advantages over traditional HVAC systems. First, they provide zoned temperature control, allowing you to customize comfort in specific rooms without wasting energy cooling unused spaces. Units mount high on walls and ceilings to inconspicuously deliver heating and cooling right where you need it. This also allows easy access to air filters for maintenance. Without bulky ductwork, mini splits operate very quietly, using advanced fan technology. Their efficiency pays dividends in both installation cost savings and lower monthly bills. For example, Mitsubishi's hyper-heating INVERTER-driven compressor improves performance as outside temps drop, using less electricity. Smart sensors also optimize energy use to match occupancy patterns. With streamlined installation, individualized comfort, hushed operation, and efficiency-driven savings like rebates, ductless mini splits are revolutionizing modern climate control.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Product Lines


Mitsubishi offers an extensive ductless mini split lineup to meet any home climate control need. Their broad Mr. Slim series includes everything from basic single-zone systems to advanced multi-zone heat pumps for whole home conditioning. Top-tier M-Series splits provide superior energy savings with INVERTER-driven variable capacity compressors. The P-series takes efficiency even further with HYPER-HEATING technology to provide reliable heat down to -13° F outdoor temps. Whether you need a single high wall-mounted unit for supplemental cooling or a complex modular system with multiple air handler units networked throughout your home, Mitsubishi delivers the innovations in heat pump and AC systems to allow custom zoning and peak comfort and efficiency. From the affordable Klimaire select systems to the award-winning Hyper-Heat pumps, Mitsubishi sets the bar for ductless mini split performance and reliability.


Comparing Mitsubishi Mini Splits to Other Brands


When researching ductless mini splits, few brands can match Mitsubishi’s reputation for quality, efficiency, and reliability. Mitsubishi created some of the earliest inverter-driven variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, pioneering energy-saving advancements like fuzzy logic. Decades of optimization allow Mitsubishi systems to intelligently adapt in real-time for comfort and efficiency. This focus on innovation shows up in leading specs like up to 26 SEER cooling and 12+ HSPF heating. Smart Kumo Cloud controls further enhance efficiency by letting you monitor performance and customize settings remotely. With an expected lifespan up to twice as long as cheaper import brands, Mitsubishi units deliver years of personalized comfort and energy savings. No other brand beats the coverage of their 5-year parts/7-year compressor warranty. And with 65 years perfecting ductless systems for global markets, Mitsubishi has unrivaled experience you can trust for the heart of your living space.


Choosing the Right Size Mitsubishi Mini Split system


Selecting the proper ductless mini split size comes down to matching BTU cooling and heating capacity to your room(s). A unit that’s too small won’t provide adequate temperatures, while an oversized system cycles on/off inefficiently. Mitsubishi’s sizing calculator makes this easy by factoring room dimensions, window area, climate, usage and more. For living spaces up to 550 square feet, 9000-12,000 BTU systems suffice for cooling, with 12,000-18,000 BTU units for larger rooms. Bedrooms need less capacity depending on occupancy and shading. For whole home coverage, add up each room’s BTUs for the total load. Multi-zone systems allow running just the needed indoor unit(s). And hyper-heating models provide full capacity even down to -13° F for cold climates. Proper sizing ensures your Mitsubishi mini split will deliver quiet, even heating and cooling throughout the space with optimal efficiency - avoiding under or over conditioning rooms. Work with your contractor to match the right system to your unique home.


Professional Installation of Your Mitsubishi Unit

Professional Installation of Your Mitsubishi Unit

While DIY mini split installation is technically possible, professional installation is strongly recommended for optimal functionality and longevity. Proper placement of indoor and outdoor units impacts performance, and only qualified technicians have the tools and expertise for vacuum sealing, pressure testing, and charging refrigerant lines to manufacturer specifications. This precision ensures energy efficient operation and reduces sound levels and any chance of refrigerant leaks. For the best results, trust an experienced local provider like Richair Comfort. With Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor status, Richair Comfort's technicians complete extensive training and certification. This gives them unmatched credibility installing these complex, innovative systems to the highest standards in your home. Mitsubishi also requires Diamond Contractor installers to provide enhanced warranties, so using Richair Comfort gives you incredible value plus peace of mind that your mini split will deliver comfort and savings for years to come. Don't risk problems down the road; let the experts at Richair Comfort professionally install your Mitsubishi mini split.

Mini Split Placement Considerations


Ideal ductless mini split placement enhances performance while maintaining home aesthetics. Indoor units mount high on walls or ceilings to evenly circulate conditioned air without taking up floor space. Face the unit towards the center of the room, allowing at least 7 feet clearance. Mount it at least 3 feet from corners to avoid air turbulence. Outdoor condenser/compressor units need proper clearances and should avoid direct sunlight or exposure. Place the unit on stable ground or wall brackets with permission. Leave ample room for service access and airflow. Proper placement also keeps operational noise away from windows or patios. Careful mini split positioning tailored to your living space ensures efficient, even heating and cooling right where you need it.


Operating and Maintaining Your Ductless Mini Split system


Your Mitsubishi mini split will provide years of comfortable, energy efficient performance with simple maintenance. Use built-in settings to find the optimal mode and fan speeds for heating or cooling needs. Close doors and windows and avoid obstructing system airflow. Place the remote control in range but away from direct sunlight to ensure proper temperature regulation. Clean air filters a few times yearly or as needed to protect against dust buildup. Outdoor units also benefit from occasional hosedown to clear debris. When restarting the system after a long pause, allow the fan and compressor to stabilize rather than repeatedly turning on and off. And don't hesitate to contact a technician for refrigerant recharges, functional checks, or repairs. Properly operating and maintaining your ductless mini split ensures it continues providing the heated and cooled spaces your home needs.

Can a heat pump replace a fuel-burning system?


With advanced inverter heat pump technology, ductless mini splits like Mitsubishi's hyper-heat models can be an ideal replacement for outdated, inefficient furnaces and boilers. Rather than burning fossil fuels, heat pumps use refrigerant and an electrically-driven compressor to absorb outdoor heat and transfer it indoors. Top performing Hyper-Heat pumps provide reliable heating even when temps drop to -13°F. With extremely cold resistant condensers and intelligent defrost capabilities, these systems prevent shutdowns from frost or ice buildup. This allows a properly sized ductless mini split system to fully heat a whole house without backup heat. Plus, with up to 22.2 SEER ratings for cooling efficiency and wireless controls, these mini splits outperform central air. For an eco-friendly, comfortable heating and cooling system, Hyper-Heat pumps are a smart modern alternative to loud, leaky furnaces.


Mitsubishi 15000 BTU Mini Split Wall Mount Hyper Heat Pump 22.2 SEER System


Mitsubishi’s MRZ-A Wall Mount Hyper Heat Pump mini split systems provide whole home heating and cooling from an incredibly efficient, sleek wall unit. This compact 22 SEER system packs 15,000 BTUs to condition large open concept spaces up to 1,000 square feet. INVERTER-driven variable capacity smoothly maintains exact temps while saving energy. The Hyper-Heating outdoor unit, paired with the hyper-diffusing airflow indoor unit, provides 100% heating capacity down to -13° F - ideal for cold climates. Its HEPA and anti-allergy enzyme air filters also create cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. Easy-to-use wireless remote controls allow custom comfort. Qualifying for rebates and tax credits, this system delivers lower bills for years. For reliable, efficient heating and cooling of living rooms, basements, garages, studios, shops, and more, this 15000 BTU Mitsubishi mini split wall mount system is an excellent choice.



With innovative ductless technology that provides customizable, high-efficiency heating and cooling, Mitsubishi delivers mini split solutions for your entire house. Multi-zone inverter heat pump systems feature single-zone control for precise temperature access in living spaces while using peak efficiency to save electricity. Kumo Cloud connectivity allows remote, connected control via your wall-mounted units and ensures your server runs key performance data, zone settings, availability, cost, and rebates for protecting and maintaining your mini split over its long lifecycle. And advanced Hyper-Heat pump models can improve your home by replacing an outdated heating system with Air Source Heat Pumps connected to your windows, permission walls, and electricity grid for whole-house comfort. Free cooling options provide energy and money savings by chilling sign ups and orders without compressors. Mitsubishi ductless mini splits provide the efficiency, performance, and reliability at various price points designed to ensure comfort and savings by depending on your installation, space, usage and climate zone.

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